Questions regarding the online application process

How do I apply to fortiss GmbH?

Please apply exclusively via our job portal. In order to get a broadest possible picture of your qualifications and interests, please enter your details comprehensively and carefully into the application form. Your individual cover letter will add a personal touch to your online application. Please be sure to add informative documents such as CV, references, etc. to your application as an attachment. Documents up to 15 MB can be attached in the following formats: DOC, PDF, JPG, TNP, GIF.

What shall I do if I am interested in several job offers?

To enable quick and easy processing, please apply for each job separately. Please be sure to submit a complete application for each job.

What happens to my data?

No external parties can access your data. If the data is no longer needed after completing the application process, we will delete it.

Can I also apply directly by email?

Please apply exclusively via our job portal and refrain from applying by post or email.

Will it increase my chances of success if I call?

No! Where possible, we will gladly help with any questions about the application process or the advertised job by telephone. All other questions will be clarified during an interview. A call will have no influence on the application or decision-making process.

Are the advertised jobs still up-to-date?
All job advertisements on our job portal are up-to-date. Due to our rapid growth, some positions require regular staffing. Therefore, it may be that some vacancies are advertised over a longer period of time, even though we have already hired employees.

I cannot find a suitable job. Can I also submit an unsolicited application?

We welcome unsolicited applications at any time. Please only use our job portal to submit such applications.